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Quote Builder Car Configurator with Syspro ERP

Users outside of Syspro can create new quotes save the subsequent revisions, and then submit the quotation, to Syspro creating Sales orders, with all details including Bom's generated (if required) by the Configurator within QuoteBuilder.

Car Configurator for Syspro ERP using CIS Configurator

CIS Configurator leads the user through a series of questions and answers, supported by the appropriate images and rules, to create a correctly configured and priced product which is added to a customer quote. When the order is approved either a production work order, or purchase order can be generated to start the process of fulfilling the customer's order

CIS Configurator leads the user thourhg a serious of choices.

Syspro ERP using CIS Configurator

CIS Configurator is a complete configuration and quote management application for companies with products that are configured or built to order. CIS Configurator is user friendly, browser based application that is integrated with Syspro 6.1 including Customers, Stock Coded and Pricing

Syspro ERP using CIS Configurator

Syspro requirements include E.Net and various Business objects including BOMSST, INVSPR, INVSST, INVSWS and SORTOI, please check with CIS for exact details