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Mark Watje
President of
5 Star rating

Curbtender, Inc. is a leader in refuse collection trucks with over 40 years of experience manufacturing automated side loaders. The company manufactures a complete line of refuse collection vehicles in its Iowa and Nebraska factories.

As a built-to-order manufacturer utilizing an independent distribution network, Curbtender struggled to keep its pricing information confidential, up-to-date, and accurate. We relied upon spreadsheets for too many years. Orders would get submitted using old price levels or with option configurations that weren't compatible. The errors caused by static spreadsheets caused our company a lot of money. More importantly it hurt our credibility. CIS has provided us with a flexible platform to configure, price, and quote our product with accuracy.

We rely heavily on the CIS exclusion and inclusion logic to ensure every quote is a buildable product. When it is time to increase prices, we have the confidence that all distributors are using the correct information at the correct time. To top it all off, CIS provides concierge quality customer service that the big software companies can't compete with.

Curbtender logo alongside one of their trucks
Jeff Deal
Director of International Sales
4 Star rating

We custom design and manufacture every system to match each customer’s exact specs and hot water needs. Hamilton is the only supplier in the industry who provides completely pre-plumbed, factory-assembled, and tested systems–meaning when you choose Hamilton, your hot water system is proven to work before it leaves our loading docks.

For more than 30 years, Hamilton designed, then drew and then created BOMs to enable us to quote completely assembled hot water systems. All of this was done using spreadsheets and significant man hours per quotation. Now in our 42nd year of operation, one of the best investments we made was to work with CIS and put 85% of the previous work into a tool that is very simple to use, and to provide accurate, complex system quotations in a matter of minutes, not hours or days as in previous years.

In fact, the configurator is so well developed, many of our Distributors use it on a daily basis to quote our hot water packages. When we want to add new options or system types, or update pricing, it’s a straightforward process.
It is a tool a business like ours cannot afford to be without!

Hamilton Engineering logo alongside one of their hot water solutions
Alistair Taylor
Bill Of Materials Manager
4 Star rating

We manufacture high quality farm machinery that is designed to perform and is built to last. We are a family run business established in the 1980’s, using the finest engineering standards with the latest manufacturing processes, we ensure that all products perform efficiently and last for many years. Ktwo machinery are a manufacturer of high-quality farm machinery, based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the UK. A family business, established in the nineteen eighties and who are known for innovation and quality.

Ktwo purchased CIS Configurator back in 2018 whilst looking for a new ERP. They chose SAP Business One, as they had a need for a Configurator to help build the machines and generate a Bill of material and CIS is the only configurator that works inside and outside of SAP Business One and is fully integrated.

Ktwo needed to solve a problem, as the production and sales systems didn’t talk to each other, and they were entering endless amounts of information into Excel spreadsheets. When they implemented CIS and SAPBO that problem went away, so now with increased orders, the addition of CIS and Business One, we have streamlined our operations.

KTwo logo alongside one of their trailer products
Sean Taylor
Operations Manager
4 Star rating

MaxSteel Buildings’ business activities, like other companies, were constrained by the traditional manual methods of creating building models. However, with the introduction of the CIS Configurator, we have been able to streamline our workflow and improve operational efficiency. This technology offers a 3D rendering of a proposed building, allowing clients to visualize the structure beforehand, saving time and resources that would have otherwise been consumed during the construction process.

CIS Configurator has certainly empowered MaxSteel Buildings to offer competitive solutions to clients. The time it takes to generate a model is significantly reduced, the models can be generated faster, and all modifications can be made in real-time. This means that the customer satisfaction targets of the company are not only met but easily surpassed. Additionally, the ease with which the models can be generated provides for a quicker bidding process, giving the company a competitive edge.

CIS Configurator also enables MaxSteel Buildings to stay ahead of the competition with the latest construction technology. Allowing them to streamline their workflow and improve customer satisfaction levels with better visualization and faster project completion times. Overall, the implementation of CIS model builder has been a game-changing technology for MaxSteel Buildings, improving efficiencies, boosting workplace productivity, and placing the company at the forefront of the construction industry.

MaxSteel Buildings logo alongside one of their carport products
Patrick Gamache
Logistics and ERP Specialist
5 Star rating

For the past 50 years, Trevi pools have established themselves in the above-ground pool industry, through functional product conception, stylish designs and innovative materials. As international leaders, we pay a very particular attention to the manufacturing of our products. We work hard to offer quality pools and to provide impeccable service.

Trevi, is the only producer of products for in-ground and above-ground pools completely manufactured in Quebec, the company ranks among Quebec’s largest with over 1200 employees. With stores in Greater Montreal as well as stores in Calgary, Trevi relies on a national and international distribution network to serve the residential and institutional segments of its North American and European markets. Trevi has been using CIS Configurator since 2017 and is used with Sage 300 and Auto-Simply.

Almost all our pools are custom made. We supply the raw materials needed to make those pools, so we use CIS Configurator to work out all of the components needed for each custom pool, from the number of panels needed to all the accessories.

After using Sage for many years, it was obvious to try to find a solution that works with it. CIS works seamlessly with Sage 300 ERP, the bill of materials are created by CIS Configurator and sent to Sage 300 automatically, reducing double entry. CIS also feeds AutoSimply with a bill of material, which is used to create the production order.

Trevi logo alongside a photo of a pool product
Kate Lockwood
Vice President of Sales
5 Star rating

Bravo Trailers started in 2011 with a clean sheet approach to trailer manufacturing. We teamed up with the best people and have given them the tools to get the job done right. Together with Bravo’s seasoned engineering team we’ll achieve our quest for better quality, a better trailer and better customer experience. Mitch Bender and the Bravo team have over 100 years of combined trailer building experience with the determination to get the job done. First and foremost, we are trailer people – we use and love trailers! That passion will translate into the best products available. Trailers that work and won’t let you down. Our commitment to deliver the best at competitive prices is steadfast.

This program is a “state of the art” configurator and sales management tool giving you a centralized place to create and manage your sales quotations, orders and change orders. Your customer will receive a professional quotation within minutes using this program, al you need is a connection to the internet.

We have been using CIS Configurator and their Web Portal - Quote Builder since 2012 and summarize below the benefits we get from CIS

  • 24/7 easy and accurate quoting, ordering and change orders.
  • Your time is valuable make your sales team and dealership more efficient and profitable.
  • Eliminates searching through dealer book.
  • One stop access for managing all your quotes and orders.
  • Up to date “real time” pricing and option availability.
  • Provide a professional detailed quote with your logo, dealer add-ons, licensing, shipping and final pricing in minutes.
  • Beating your competition with fast quotes means closing more sales.
  • Custom trailer orders and special requests will be reviewed with a push of a button.
  • Upcoming photos of models and options will be a great sales tool to use with your customers.
  • Order your trailer with a push of one button

This program will assist your sales team in learning your product lines and give them opportunities to add features that they may not think to ask while speaking with retail customers. All quotes can be created, edited, e-mailed to the customer, and ordered with ease. As a sales manager you will have the capability of tracking your sales team. Benefits internally within your organization will include huge time savings and efficiencies for your sales staff.

Bravo Trailers logo alongside a trailer product photo
Curtis Martin
Director of Strategic Operations
5 Star rating

Our product line is very diverse and offers many variations on a theme. We prefer to not carry multitudes of Production Bills of Materials for Product variations and would prefer to allow our sales team to answer simple plain language questions to build a full system and have the software do the hard work of remembering Assembly and Material codes. This ensures material code accuracy being sent to SAP's Business ByDesign Platform. This also frees up our Engineering and Materials management groups from having to create multiple BOMs for small changes in our product.

The ability of CIS to interface seamlessly to ByD allows us to have a smooth order creation process. The beauty in the software comes from the ability for the user to create the question-and-answer groups in a flow that they design allowing the combination of answers to funnel latter questions and answers and ultimately resolve to usable and accurate part numbers for Sales Orders.

CIS Configurator was exactly what we needed in ease of use as we guide our Sales Team through simple questions and resolve the answers to our product codes to generate custom quotes. The integration of Quote Builder to Model Builder and the configurations is what sold us on the tool. The question and answer scheme that has been established in Model Builder is simple to use and easy to program once you have an understanding of how the Exceptions and the other tools truly work.

CIS has been a great partner in adding customizations to fit our needs, customer service is first rate and they have been a great asset in getting our implementation setup and running.

Leonardo company logo alongside license plate reader product.
Arturo Tabanckiewicz
IS Manager, Mexico & South Texas, CDDS IT
5 Star rating

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems in South Texas and Mexico Integrating CIS configurator with SAP By Design has proven to be immensely valuable for businesses. The seamless integration between these systems offers numerous benefits, making the process of building quotes a breeze. The product configurator enables sales teams to easily customize and tailor products according to customer requirements, ensuring accurate and precise quotes. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also minimizes errors and delays in the sales process.

Furthermore, the integration with SAP By Design ensures a seamless flow of information from CIS configurator to the ERP system. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the chances of data inconsistencies. Sales teams can effortlessly transfer all relevant quote details, including pricing, product configurations, and customer information, into and from SAP By Design, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

The impact on the sales process and customer experience cannot be overstated. With the integration of CIS configurator, businesses can respond to customer inquiries and requests with accurate quotes in a timely manner. The ability to quickly generate customized quotes and deliver them promptly not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances the overall sales experience. Additionally, the reduction in delays ensures a smoother sales process, leading to increased customer trust and loyalty.

In conclusion, the integration of both CIS Configurator with SAP By Design has revolutionized the sales process for our company. The ease of building quotes with the product configurator and the seamless flow of information to and from SAP By Design have significantly improved productivity, reduced errors, and minimized delays. Ultimately, this integration has enhanced the customer experience by enabling swift and accurate responses to inquiries, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes.

Assa ABloy logo alongside Commercial Door and Docking Solutions.