Configure - Products easily maintained

CIS Configurator comes with a tool set that allows you to manage the rules and constraints of the most complex of products, in all industries. We continue to enhance our application with new features and tools to help you create and manage all your products, rules and constraints, ensuring only valid options can be created.

Input from your ERP or spreadsheet

  • Customers, Address and Ship To
  • Items, Description, Pricing
  • Questions and Answers
  • Rules, Exceptions, Relationships
  • Features of an Item.
  • Price, Price Lists.
  • Smart Part Numbers/Description

Output from CIS Configurator

  • Valid products
  • Bill of Materials generated on the fly.
  • Items, Routings and Resources
  • Cut lengths, Quantity, item Feature/attributes.
  • Display an image based on an answer(s)
  • Intelligent item numbers
  • Dynamic description
CIS Configurator used to configure trucks

Pricing Options – Accurate Price

CIS Configurator can be used either as a Stand-Alone or working with your ERP solution. If deployed with your ERP and a connector is available all pricing, discounts and concessions are managed using the ERP’s functionality with pricing displayed in real time. If our solution is deployed as a Stand-Alone, you can take advantage of the price engine built into CIS.

  • Customer – User – Dealer - Discounts
  • Line item – Discounts - Volume Pricing
  • Price Lists – Multi Currency
  • Cost Plus – Price
  • Pricing from Excel Spreadsheets
  • Sales Tax, GST, VAT
  • Surcharges
CIS Configurator used to configure Golf carts

Quote Management – Centralized location

CIS Configurator’s Web Portal known as QuoteBuilder is used by your Sales personnel, Customers and Resellers, giving them 24/7 access. They can create a quote for themselves with None Configured or Configured items, simply by answering questions prepared by your product expert and deployed in the Configurator.

  • Create, Revise, Copy, Submit and Order
  • Generate a professional quote
  • Delivery Due and Expiration Date
  • Probability, Payment Terms
  • Document Management
  • Reporting - Analytics
CIS Configurator used to configure trucks