Compatible with multiple ERP's or standalone

Eliminate expensive mistakes.

Manufacturing requires a robust CPQ solution.

  • Configure

    Manufacturing requires a robust CPQ solution.

  • Price

    Price your configured products instantly.
    Support multiple price lists.

  • Quote/Order

    Every Quote is a buildable product, eliminate mistakes, increase customer satisfaction, reduce time to quote.

  • Manufacture

    Configured orders contain the Bills of materials, needed for the manufacturing process.

Product Configurator

Configure the most complex of products using our powerful CPQ solution.
Apply rules and logic easily, allowing users to navigate through the product configuration without the need for product expertise.

  • Configurations - implement the rules that are embedded in the product models to intelligently guide users through the process.
  • Configured Bill of Material - Generate a configured bill of material (CBM) for every product configuration (if required).
  • Visualization - Dynamic visual representation of the product that’s being configured.
CIS Configurator used to configure Golf carts

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Dynamic pricing generated for every configuration.

  • Pricing from an ERP - Dynamic pricing based on the pricelist assigned to the customer, managed in your ERP system.
  • Resellers, Dealers and Customers obtain real time pricing, generate their own quotes and can place their own orders.
  • Foreign currencies - are supported based on the customer locale for each customer account.
Finger pointing to the top of a price curve

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Centralized visibility, reporting and customers create their own orders.

  • Centralized - All quotes and orders in one centralized area, providing visibility to all sales activity by your own sales employees and your distributors.
  • Reporting - Our analytic reporting tool allows quote and orders to be dissected to provide sales data.
  • Error free - Our applications help eliminate errors so customers can create their own orders without issue.
  • Approval - A review or approval process can be added if needed.
Word cloud with Sales as the main message. Sales is written White on a red background.

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Your ERP can be updated with item lists and Bills of Materials and if supported routings and processes.

  • BOM’s - Accurate items lists are created based on user input, supporting Configure/Build to order.
  • Configured Bill of Material - Generate a configured bill of material (CBM) for every product configuration (if required).
  • Visualization - Dynamic visual representation of the product that’s being configured.
manufacture - An industrial factory

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Implementation Support
To fit your needs

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    Self implement

    We train your expert to build one of your product models, containing valid rules, items and pricing. Access is provided to our training materials and media site. Read more on Self implement

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    Assisted implementation

    A hybrid approach utilizing basic training and taking advantage of our highly skilled team’s assistance to advise and help implement some of the more complex aspects of your products. Read more about Deployment

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    Recognizing that deployment is a priority, we can take full responsibility of the implementation. When your organization lacks the resources to build all your product models or needs them completed in a specific time frame, we field our skilled team to build those products and train your team to manage them as required. Read more about Turnkey

User Reviews

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Common questions asked!

  • I am using Spreadsheets to create Sales Quotes

    CIS Configurator’s clients are in many industries, all who had similar problems, before they deployed our easy to use Configure Price Quote Platform

    • Products contained many options and were not easy to quote.
    • Used Excel Spreadsheets or a in house solution to create Quotes.
    • Changes were difficult to manage and was a lack of visibility.
    • Quotes and Orders contained errors and inaccurate pricing.
  • My Product is difficult - I want to Quote it quicker!

    • Products that offer many options can be difficult to determine the exact item list or Bill of Material; Add the complexity of you can’t have one option when another one is chosen, the problem is exaggerated!
    • CIS simplifies the process, by allowing you to embed the Questions and answers that need to be asked and apply conditional logic to ensure, rules are adhered to, preventing errors and ensuring only valid options will be made!
  • How can I Capture and Embed the rules.

    Our clients use our easy to use but powerful tools that allow them to embed their logic into our intuitive and flexible platform, quickly and accurately, training takes hours.

    • Add the questions and answers that are relevant to each product, use conditional logic to ensure only valid options can be made.
    • Make any changes in one central location. generate accurate Quotes and Orders error free.
    • Self-service portal available for Sales personnel and Customers.
  • I need a system that my Sales team and my customers can access.

    As soon as you embed any of your products in CIS, you can start to give access to your Sales personnel and Customers, all recorded in one Central area, with specific visibility to each user.

    Our system provides many pricing procedures, including, multi currency, customer discounts, volume discounts and Cost Plus and concessions.