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Hair Visions International

HVI engaged CIS to streamline the Quoting and Ordering process, needed for the many variables associated with manufacturing custom wigs and hair pieces.
Previously using an own built solution, CSR's are now able to submit orders, for the most complex of hair pieces sold, complimenting SAP Business One.

Kirk Rudy

Since 1967, Kirk-Rudy has innovated solutions for addressing and paper handling for the direct mail, printing, newspaper and card industries. Kirk Rudy engineer and manufacture systems from end to end in their state-of-the-art Georgia facility.
Using CIS Configurator will provide the means to obtain quotes for all of the machinery built for its domestic and international resellers and customers.

MetalMax Roofing and Siding

CIS Configurator speeds up the process, generating Sales Quotations and Sales Orders in SAP Business One with accurate Bill of Materials.

Electrical Controls Manufacturing (Edmonton)

CIS Configurator guides the users, creating accurate pricing whilst generating accurate BOM's for SAP Business One.

SkyReach L&S Extrusions

CIS Configurator helps SkyReach create accurate pricing whilst generating accurate BOM's for SAP Business One. SkyReach manufacture Patio Doors in Canada which are distributed in Canada and USA.

PowerTech Generators

CIS Configurator builds the Bill of Materials for PowerTech Generators and SAP Business One.

Elsag North America

Selling the most advanced Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) containing many options, wasn't easy to create accurate quotations! Working with CIS Configurator now for two years, problem solved....

SAP Manufacturing Add-On

Variatec and CIS are pleased to announce that, CIS Configurator is now available for Variatec’s production module used with SAP Business One. Variatec will use the BOM's created and supplied by CIS Configurator.

Visual Lighting Technologies

CIS Configurator handles the dynamic creation of VLT's millions of SKU's. With SAP Business One as the ERP and CIS Configurator being a key component in managing VLT's sales and production, of many variations offered.

PPS One Manufacturing Add-On

CIS and CIM Pool PPS have a custom integration allowing SAP Business One clients to create Configuration Models which include all the components for the multiple BoM's which are then imported into PPS One and interpreted into PPS One standard Resource Lists.

Coronet Lighting

Work in progress, the CIS Configurator will create intelligent items numbers, reducing the amount of Bills Of Materials previously needed, before SAP Business One was purchased.

Vision Engravers & Routing Systems

CIS Configurator generates accurate BOM's, Sales Quotation and Sales Orders inside of SAP Business One.

Tradewinds Power Corp.

Work in progress, CIS Configurator will allow Tradewinds Power internal and external Sales team to Quote their extensive range of Generators, Power Units and Pump Sets. In each case CIS Configurator will generate and pass the correct Bill of Material to SAP Business One.

Delta Mechanical

America's largest Plumbing, A/C. Heating and Repipe Company, with over 800 trucks on the road throughout the U.S.A. uses CIS Configurator with SAP Business One. Deployed in all its call centers used to liaise with Home Depot and its customers.